April 28, 2015

Serving the seven-county metro area of Minneapolis-St Paul Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a lot of paperwork to enroll for service?
A: No. In a telephone registration process, we get to know the client, asking just a few questions about the customer’s name, address as well as basic financial information.

Q: How will I know when to order and when to expect delivery?
A: When registering, customers are assigned an order day and a delivery day. The order day is typically two days prior to the delivery day. Example: An order placed on Friday is delivered on the following Tuesday, an order placed on Tuesday is delivered on Thursday, etc. Delivery depends upon which Cub Foods store (one of the five in which we shop) is closest to your home. We deliver Tuesday-Friday.

Q: What if I forget to order something?
A: You may call the Store To Door office at 651.642.1892 to add to or change your order up to 12:00 noon the day before your scheduled delivery.

Q: Will I need to be home when my groceries are delivered?
A: Yes, or make arrangements with the Store To Door office to have a neighbor accept your delivery and provide payment to the delivery person.

Q: Can I order any type of groceries?
A: Yes. You can order any item carried in a large supermarket, including meat, produce, dairy, bakery, packaged goods, health & beauty products, pet food, birthday cards and even plants and flowers.

Q: How about prescriptions from the pharmacy?
A: Prescriptions from the Cub Foods’ pharmacy can be delivered right along with your groceries. Call the Store To Door office for the pharmacy number.

Q: Can I use coupons?
A: Yes. Customers receive all Cub Foods coupon prices automatically. Manufacturer coupons (submitted prior to expiration date) are accepted and deducted at delivery.

Q: Can I use my EBT card?
A: Yes. Customers who have the “food benefit” on their EBT can use this as a form of payment for their groceries.  Customers wishing to use their EBT card for payment need to notify the Store To Door office in advance, so that a paper voucher can be prepared prior to the delivery.

Q: Who pays for the groceries?
A: Each client pays for their own groceries. Store To Door accepts personal checks, credit/debit cards and EBT.

Q: Will I get a copy of my order?
A: Yes. Upon delivery you will receive a copy of your order and the Cub Foods cash register receipt, listing each item and its cost.

Q: How is my bill calculated?

  1. The cost of the groceries is calculated by the grocer (you receive a receipt).
  2. Less the value of any coupons you have (you must receive the items and coupons may not be expired).
  3. Where applicable, a delivery fee is calculated and added to the amount due.

Store To Door has contracts with the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services and with Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington County Alternative Care and Elderly Waiver programs which may help pay for your delivery. If you have a social worker or case manager, ask if you qualify or call the Store To Door office for further information.

Q: Is there a delivery fee?
A: All clients are asked to help pay for the cost of delivery. A fee of $5.00, $12.00 or $15.00 will be added to each delivery, depending on the client’s age, income and household size. Delivery fees can be reduced if the senior is eligible for county benefits or insurance reimbursement.

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: Most of the Twin Cities Seven County Metro Area. We continue to expand our service, so call us to see if your address is currently being served.